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I have been involved with horses, riding and driving, since childhood.  We had our own horses at home, so I have been directly involved in all aspects of their care.  Farrier work has always fascinated me, and I spent years watching and talking to our farriers as they worked.  In mid-adulthood I made the decision to attend Mission Farrier School in Snohomish Washington.

While there I received a comprehensive education covering all aspects of hoof care.  I was given very thorough course in anatomy, hands on shoeing instruction on real client's horses, and practical applications of lameness treatments and rehabilitation packages.  I also learned forging skills to customize ready-made shoes, and a good start on making my own hand made shoes.

I was taught to evaluate each horse's gait and foot falls prior to and after trimming and/or shoeing, as well as hoof mapping skills to determine the location of the internal structures of the hoof.  This helps me to be able to balance the outer hoof wall and sole around the center of the hoof - the center of rotation, thereby allowing the horse to move as easily and freely as possible in each gait.  I can identify and control any hoof distortions which may exist and keep the feet as balanced as possible through each shoeing or trimming cycle.

I learned not only shoeing, but also how to provide a very balanced natural barefoot trim.  I follow the precepts of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization.  I can give consultations and information regarding many brands of hoof boots to keep my barefoot clients happy in work., on the trail or in the arena.

I also have a background in natural horsemanship.  I can often work with horses who have had previous difficulty with standing for the farrier or trimmer, and can provide some basic training outside of my regular services for an additional fee.  If more extensive training is necessary, I can provide references to local respected trainers.

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